lørdag 27. juni 2009

These are from an exhibition that I really liked

Beatriz Milhazes

Chris Ofili

 With references as diverse as traditional African art, images from popular culture, and hip-hop music, Chris Ofili’s paintings explore contemporary black urban experience. Ofili’s intricately layered works combine bead-like dots of paint, inspired in part by cave paintings in Zimbabwe, with collaged images from popular magazines and such materials as glitter and map pins. Since 1992 the artist has also included dried elephant dung acquired from the London Zoo among his materials. While alluding generally to his African heritage, Ofili deliberately misquotes the traditional ritual significance of dung in order to broaden the viewer’s interpretation of this material beyond its cultural meaning. Combined with his parodies of 1970s black exploitation movies, comic book super heroes, and "gangsta" rap music, Ofili’s work addresses a complex matrix of issues that challenge black stereotypes.

My son wanted me to start an art blog. He thinks I need to show my artwork. And he is absolutely right because it's easy to get stuck in your studio.
So I will show you my work and other things that I like.

torsdag 25. juni 2009

About me

I was born in Norway (Oslo).
I started my arteducation in Oslo at following institutions
Westerdal school of adverticing (Art direction). College of visual art
The National college of Art and Design. Wanting to explore abroad i went
to Los Angeles studying for bachelor and larter Master at Art institute of Southern California
and Otis College of Art and Design.